Friday, June 10, 2011

Haul | Forever 21, Target, and Whole Earth

Hey everyone!

Today, I'm going to show ya'll a haul from last weekend - my sister and I went to the mall, and I have a really large haul from Forever 21, Target and Whole Earth Provision.  Just so ya'll know, I'm going to use the photos of the clothes from the Forever 21 and Tom's website, because I didn't have a chance to take my own.  However, hopefully, next time I do a haul, I'll be able to take full outfit pictures for you guys(:
So here we go!!  I'm going to put the picture, name of the product, price, and a link to where you can purchase(:

Flowers & Ruffles Romper 
from Forever 21

Drawstring Waist Cargo Shorts
from Forever 21

Picnic Plaid Skirt
from Forever 21

Floral Vines Top
from Forever 21

Note: Mine was not this exact top, but looks extremely's not on the website.  Mine has a slightly different lace pattern, shorter sleeves, and is brown with pink, green, blue, and white floral patterning.

Aaaand for some reason, target won't let me download a picture from their website, so I'll just give you a link here!
Also, I got a couple other things from forever 21 & whole earth that aren't on the site - one is a tribal jumpsuit (WAIT..don't be afraid and stop reading now!  It's not a 70's-style bell-bottom jumpsuit!!  I promise!!) that's loose-fitting, breathable tribal-print fabric with spaghetti straps, a ruffle across the chest, and loose pants that come in with a smocked elastic finish at the ankles.  The other is a pair of Toms cordones that, for some reason, aren't on the toms website...not really sure why.  They're a sort of natural colored flax type of fabric with uneven black rugby striped painted across the fabric.  The laces are made of a flax strand fabric as well, and the shoes have a rope bottom detailing.

So that's my haul!!  Thanks for reading!

- Rae

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