Friday, June 10, 2011

Product Review | Nexxus Diametress Luscious Volumizing Shampoo

PRODUCT: Nexxus Diametress Luscious Volumizing Shampoo
PRICE: $13.50

RATING: 4/10

- Leaves hair decently shiny and smooth
- Lathers nicely during the washing process
- Leaves hair cleaned, and controls the oil in my hair
- Smells very nice...sort of a salon shampoo scent.

- Didn't see much of a result in the way of volumizing or thickening.
- Didn't leave my hair easy to style
- MUST be paired with a leave-in conditioner (left my hair more tangled than my other shampoos - I believe it actually has TOO much lather, and wraps my hair up on itself.)
- A bit pricey for a drugstore shampoo (purchased at Target)

Now, before I say ANYTHING else, I must mention that I bought this 2 months ago, and I've been using it quite consistently, with only a few breaks.  That being said, this product has had more than a fair chance.  Overall, I'm not impressed with this product at all.  I feel like it did nothing in the way of volumizing my hair, if not made my hair flatter!!  And with volume being the prime purpose of the shampoo, that's a HUGE drawback for the product.  It smells nice, and has a nice translucent gel consistency to it.  It leaves my hair nicely cleaned, decently shiny, and smelling great, however, unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I could get clean, nice-smelling hair off of a shampoo for a fraction of the cost.  

WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT?  No, absolutely not.  I feel like, while it wasn't the worst shampoo I've ever used, it was too expensive to have such underwhelming results.  I don't think any of you should purchase this product unless you want to purchase it only for the smell.  And honestly, you can spray your favorite perfume on your hair before leaving the house if you're that concerned with that feature.  

Texture - Fine/Very wavy/Oily
Thickness - Regular

FTC: I was not sponsored to review this product...PROMISE. (:

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- Rae

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